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St. Louis MO Missouri
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O'Brien Corporation _ INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS IMPRO VING PROCESS ACCURACY __ | __ ISO 9001:2000 REGISTERED QUALTITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM O'BRIEN CORPORATION'S COMPLETE WINTERIZATION LOOP Electric or steam heated tubing bundles and heated hose . Winterizing enclosures for process instruments. Modular support system for field-mounted instruments Freeze protection for differential and pressure transmitters. THE EXPERTS IN HEAT TRANSFER > O'Brien Corporation provides customers with technical solutions to process accuracy and instrument winterization problems. We've long been known for our commitment to superior engineering, uncompromising quality and world famous customer service. WHAT'S NEW > T Series heaters now available. European and Russian Literature now available. O'Brien Instrumentation brochure now available. VISIT OUR OTHER INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC SITES > O'Brien Power Winterizing solutions for the power industry. O'Brien Analytical Dedicated to process and emissions analyzer systems. Cardinal UHP Ultra high purity tubing and fittings. Cardinal BPE High Purity Biopharmaceutical tubing and fittings OFFICES O'Brien Corporation - USA 1900 Crystal Industrial Ct St. Louis, MO 63114 USA Ph: 314/423-4444 Fax: 314/423-1144 O'Brien Corporation - Belgium Mallekotstraat 65 B 2500 Lier Belgium Ph: (+32) 3 491 9875 Fax: (+32) 3 491 9876 ©2005 O'Brien Corporation