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Designs and manufactures electronic controls, motion control, instrumentation, and software products.
motion control and stepper motor controllers by oes Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. the motion control company Toll Free (888) 777-1826 in USA +1 (818) 222-9200 Los Angeles, California USA Motion Controllers Actuators and Stages Rotary and Linear Stepper Motors Motor Drivers Power Supplies Solenoid Electronics Accessories Distributors Representatives Opportunities Terms of Use Trade Shows OES has been providing cost effective motion control products and solutions t o the end-users, Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs), Value Added Resellers (VARs) and educational institutes since 1985. The company's product line includes motion control systems, drive electronics, modules and controller cards. We also supply high-torque rotary stepper motors, servomotors, voice coil motors, positioning stages and slides. All products are available for immediate worldwide shipment. Our products offer the following advantages to the users; Low Cost Multi-axis Plug-and-Play Low Power Consumption, High Torque Motors, High Speed Capability Easy Programming Programming Language, No Compiler or Assembler Required Programmable, Teachable or Manual Control Quick and Easy to Install Very Compact and Easy to Use Different Modes of Operation: 1) Host Controlled 2) Stand-alone, No PC Required to Operate 3) Joystick / Trackball Controlled, No PC Required to Operate Totally Integrated Solution Available at Complete System Level or Card Level Contact Us for Immediate Delivery The following is a partial list of the applications of OES products; Animation, Automated Assembly Systems, Automation, CNC Machines, Flight Simulation, Inspection Systems, Linear and Rotary Stages, Machine Tools, Medical Devices, Motion Control Camera Boom Systems, Optical Comparators and CMMs, Pan-Tilt Gimbals, PCB Assembly or Inspection, Pick and Place, Positioning Tables, Robotics, Scanner, Security Cameras, Telescope Drive Mechanism, Time-lapse Photography and Winders. The following is a partial list of the industries that OES products have served; Aerospace, Astron