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fiber optic adapter cables, jumpers, patch cords and connectors from stock SUPPORT SoA PRODUCTS FREE CONSULTATION CALL 800-486-1018 20 years R&D experience in high-speed digital communication My shopping cart Checkout Customer service Custom projects Feedback We stock high quality optical fiber adapter cables, jumpers, connectors, attenuators, optical splitters and other accessories for immediate delivery. Use your AMEX, VISA, DISCOVER or MasterCard to buy single mode or multimode patchcords, couplers, hybrid adapters, fiber connectors and pigtails, multifiber ribbon cables, breakout cables, optical splitters and attenuators etc. on-line. BOOKMARK THIS SITE CAN'T FIND WHAT YOU NEED? PLEASE CONTACT US , WE WILL QUOTE IT ON A CUSTOM PROJECT PAGE PREPARED FOR YOU. CLICK ON PICTURE FOR PRODUCT CATEGORIES Contact us | Products | Services | Product Warranty | Site map | Customer Service