Opticoat Associates Inc
10 Kidder Road Suite 6 
Chelmsford MA Massachusetts
United States 01824
Phone: +1 508 250 8115
Tags: coating coatings gallium services
Provider of thin-film optical coatings. Massachusetts.
Opticorp Inc. designs and produces conventional and ion-assist optical coatings and infrared low emissivity material Coatings Substrates Custom coatings Infrared low emissivity material Facility Current Job Openings Site Map Ask for more information Send us mail ------- Coatings Antireflection Dichroic beamsplitters Metallic mirrors Laser mirrors Visible ND filters IR ND filters Hot mirrors Cold mirrors Color separation filters Single layer AR coatings Multi layer AR coatings Dual band antireflection Single LASER line high reflectors Multiple LASER line high reflectors LASER output couplers UV, visible and IR reflectors Single wavelength beamsplitters Broadband beamsplitters Metal/Dielectric hybrid design Aluminum Silver Gold Chrome Nickel Platinum Copper Inconel Protected aluminum Enhanced aluminum Protected silver Durable silver Hard dielectric Cleanable front surface gold coatings Neutral density Inconel filters ------------ Substrates Fibers TO cans Waveplates Glass Fused silica Silicon Germanium Zinc selenide Sapphire Zinc sulfide Gallium arsenide BBO YAG YIG BK7 -------- Other Products IR Signature Control infrared low emissivity material Opticorp Inc. Designs and Manufactures Optical Coatings and Infrared Low Emissivity Material Opticorp Inc. was founded in 1985 for work on advanced technological projects in the field of optical thin films. Since then we have continued to grow, and now offer services in two primary areas: Custom thin film coating services for the optics industry Infrared low emissivity material production for the defense industry Opticorp Inc. occupies a modern facility in Chelmsford, MA covering approximately 6700 square feet. Our manufacturing equipment includes modern optical coating equipment, including electron-beam and ion-beam deposition equipment. Opticorp Inc. is a fast paced high technology optical coating manufacturing environment. Check employment opportunities . Our name changed from Opticoat Associates to Opticorp, Inc. in 2002, but our dedication to providing the best possib