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Optima EPS
2166 Mountain Industrial Blvd 
Tucker GA Georgia
United States 20084
Phone: +1 770 496 4000, Fax: +1 770 496 4143
Tags: Electronics Electrical Electromechanical Enclosures Cabinets
Manufacturer of enclosures, racks, electronic cabinets, EMI/RFI shielding, PC server and telecommunications equipment cabinets. Online PDF catalog available.
Optima EPS - 19" racks, electronic enclosures, cabinet enclosure, custom, shielded, EMC, rugged, cabinets, seismic Welcome to Optima EPS Optima, an Elma company, is a designer and manufacturer of custom and standard electronic packaging and enclosure systems. The company provides everything from 19" server racks, rackmounts, telecom cabinets and security consoles up to complete enclosure systems. The company offers a fast, flexible response to customer needs and extensive practical knowledge in tailoring solutions to specific applications. Electronic Enclosure Systems - 19" Electronic Enclosure - Electronic Desk Systems - 19" Rack - 19" Cabinet - Security Console - Instrument Cases - Telecom Cabinet - Telecom Rack Order this free catalog by calling Optima at (770) 496-4000. Or, Download the complete catalog (5.25 MB). (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader and Winzip). View the Catalog Section 1 - Pages 1-12 (Background, Ordering Guide, R-Series) Section 2 - Pages 13-28 (S, M, MS and F-Series) Section 3 - Pages 29-40 (T-Series, Custom, D-Series, Components) Section 4 - Pages 41-56 (Accessories)