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A PC-based motion control integrater that provides multi-axis servo motion
control with solutions for HMIs and factory networks.
ORMEC Motion Control System Solutions Integrated Motion Control Solutions
HIGHLIGHTS ServoWire SD Drives with IEEE 1394b ORMEC has expanded their
networked servo drive line. FREE CD-ROM Request your copy of our new
"Motion System Solutions" CD-ROM. Call ORMEC today at 800-656-
7632 ORMEC motion control systems integrate motion controllers, logic control,
drives, servo motors, HMIs and networking into cost-effective solutions for
factory automation. IEC 61131-3 Demo CD Free CD provides demo software for
CoDeSys development environment for SMLC. Register today! Customers can
register for ORMEC website today to gain access to technical and information
resources ORMEC offers the following motion control product families: SMLC -
Motion System Solutions: ServoWire Motion & Logic Controller integrating
motion, I/O and networking using IEC 61131-3. G-Series Digital drives:
UltraDrive G- Series digital drives bring new levels of DSP-based servo
performance, ease of use and value to analog input servodrives. ORION: The
ORION product family is a fully-integrated, automation control solution ...
combining open standards, industrial PC-based control, networked servos,
machine I/O, Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and options for factory
connectivity. Join the ORMEC eNews mailing list Email: ? ORMEC Systems Corp
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