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Oxygen generators designed specifically for industrial applications. Provides descriptions of products and applications, design services, and technical support information. Amherst, New York.
OGSI: Oxygen Generator Manufacturer: Oxygen Generators, Oxygen Machines, og 15 Portable Oxygen Generators, Pressure Swing Adsorption PSA Oxygen Systems Terms & Policies | Links | Site Map Current Weather | Directions A leading manufacturer of oxygen generators, Oxygen Generating Systems Intl. (OGSI) designs and manufactures on-site oxygen generators. Using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, OGSI offers a complete line of plant sizes from 15 SCFH to 5000 SCFH (5tpd). Our products include large industrial oxygen generating systems , scuba oxygen tanks and bottles , home oxygen generator equipment, hospital oxygen supply systems , aquaculture oxygen systems , portable oxygen generators , emergency oxygen systems, ozone generators , PSA (pressure swing adsorption) oxygen generators and more. Additionally, OGSI offers complete oxygen cylinder filling plants ( small and large ), with capacities of up to 100 cylinders per day. Currently OGSI has oxygen plants in over 70 countries worldwide, serving markets such as hospitals , fish farms ( aquaculture ), mining, ozone water treatment , waste treatment , and metal cutting . Typical oxygen purity from our generators is about 93% (+/- 3%), with 99% purity optionally available. Please review the rest of our website to learn how an OGSI oxygen system can benefit you. If you are an oxygen user, OEM or system integrator, OGSI has an oxygen generating system that fits your needs. At OGSI, manufacturing quality oxygen machines is our specialty. What is Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology? PSA is one of several technologies currently in use for separating oxygen from air. How does PSA work? PSA incorporates a material called molecular sieve for gas separation. This zeolite based sieve has a preferential adsorption for nitrogen. Clean dry air is passed through the sieve beds on the oxygen generator, producing an oxygen enriched gas. Does an oxygen generator have to be indoors? Standard OGSI oxygen generators are designed for use indoors Does the equipment room have
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