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Fabricators of honeycomb and foam-core panels to custom order.
Honeycomb Panels-Custom Laminating-Lightweight Panels Stock Panels Special Sale Pricing! Honeycomb Panels, Custom Laminating, Lightweight Panels Creative solutions in honeycomb panels , custom laminating , and lightweight panels covering many industries and a range of applications from aerospace work platforms and architectural components to marine bulkheads and weather radar enclosures. Applications include: Architectural components Translucent panels Marine bulkheads Fixturing panels Doors and work platforms Solar collector panels Marker board panels Machinery enclosures Stiffener panels Weather radar enclosures Combining your requirements with our experience, only current technology and available materials limits our creativity. We offer you: Design and engineering consultation Quality workmanship Prototyping and production Oversize panels On-time delivery Honeycomb and Foam Core Laminated Panels—Creative Solutions Honeycomb panels and foam core laminated panels are new in the industrial world. Developed for the aircraft industry, they have been costly. Now, Paneltec have brought prices for this space age technology down to earth. If your product or process can benefit from high strength and low weight, flatness, stability, radiopacity, and resistance to torquing and bending, we can provide a solution with all these qualities that is easy on your budget. Honeycomb Panels: Excellent Strength-to-Weight Ratio Honeycomb panels provide an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Other benefits refine the selection. For example, if insulating value is a priority, foam core panels might be chosen over honeycomb panels. In other cases, aramid fiber or polypropylene might be considered over aluminum or Kraft paper. Designing honeycomb panels is a matter of tradeoffs and our sales and technical staff have vast individual and collective experience balancing the options and costs to guide you to optimal solutions. Custom Laminating Our custom laminating service includes techniques and equipment that make possible a tremen
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