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Manufacturers of heat transfer fluids, thermal fluids, and hot oil for process industries. Site includes access to technical information, charts, and graphs for the different fluid types.
Heat Transfer Fluids, Hot Oils, Thermal Fluid Engineering...Not Voicemail™ For More Than Fluid , Call Paratherm -- (800) 222-3611 Thermal fluids matter. You need an efficient, clean product in your system, doing the best work it can, safely, for a long time, and without a lot of maintenance issues. But if smooth operation is your goal, the fluid's only half the answer. More important than the properties and quality of the fluid you choose, is who you get it from. When the system just isn't delivering the heat like it was, or when your product isn't coming out "just right," like when the thermal fluid heater was new--at those times when you're wondering... Is there a problem with the heaters? A filter? A pump? The thermal oil? Something else? That's when you need somebody who can help you get the answers , through a combination of expertise, experience, and communication . Somebody who knows systems, not just fluids , and knows the applications in your industry. You need somebody who knows the right questions to ask , and how to get the answers. Will a fluid analysis help? When do you need one? Is your expansion tank rigged properly? Maybe not. Designing a system? You need somebody to consult --about system components, about system architecture, about which heat transfer fluid properties truly matter, about flow rates and film temperatures--from the start. Paratherm has the reputation for having these answers, for digging into systems and finding out what makes them tick . For setting up proactive programs to keep performance problems from arising in the first place. For helping these systems "tick" smoothly and evenly from start-up. For sharing your first concern; your production . Want a taste of Paratherm's expertise? Look at the menu bar on the right of this page, and click on the TipSheet? link . Here you'll find brief technical notes about systems . These TipSheets cover system safety, efficiency, contamination, tuning and trouble-shooting, starting up, shutting down, and more. If y