SensorScan for Sensor Networks Inc
Parvus Corporation
3222 S. Washington St 
Salt Lake City UT Utah
United States 84115
Phone: +1 801 483 1533
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Electronic and mechanical hardware and embedded protocol software design and manufacturing company.
Parvus Corporation - Home SEARCH: PRODUCTS MARKETS SUPPORT NEWS ABOUT US CONTACT APPLICATIONS DEFENSE Parvus has deep experience serving prime defense contractors for military and civilian homeland security projects. Our COTS embedded systems are rugged, modular, MIL-STD tested and ready for air, ground, sea and space applications. AEROSPACE Parvus serves military and civilian aerospace contractors with turnkey embedded processing systems designed to support various flight missions, including aircraft sub-system monitoring, datalogging, network communication, photo reconnaissance. TRANSPORTATION Parvus engineers intelligent computing solutions for road, rail, and air transportation device suppliers. Typical solutions support sub-system monitoring, datalogging, global positioning, video surveillance and/or wireless communication. INDUSTRIAL/ENERGY Parvus develops reliable computing solutions ideally suited for space-constrained, demanding industrial, energy, medical, and other control applications that require intelligent embedded control, monitoring, and data acquisition functionality. NEW PRODUCTS DuraCOR™ 810 DuraMAR™ 1000 (MAR-1001-03) RiderNet™