Sensor Networks
Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc.
4775 Paris St 
Denver CO Colorado
United States 80239
Phone: +1 303 371 8651, Fax: +1 303 371 8643
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Offering new and recycled computer tape, diskettes, cartridges and disk packs. Plus CD-ROMs as well as duplication/replication and data conversion.
Fire Suppression Equipment - Computer Room. Computer Accessories and Supplies, Air Conditioners, Disk & CD Shredder / Paper Shredder, Tape Storage, Magnetic Media, CDs, Disk Packs, CE Alignment, Degaussing FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The New PER-12000A Portable A/C Unit We specialize in Fire Suppression Equipment and Air Conditioners for Computer Rooms, Magnetic Media, Tape and Hard Drive Degaussers, Tape Storage Racks and Cases, CD/Disk/Paper/Credit Card Shredders, DLT Tape Labels, and Tape Duplication and Conversion. Tape Storage Racks Server Room Furniture Pop-Top Workstations Degaussers-Hard Drives/Tapes Degaussing Service / Rentals Tape Labels: DLT & All Others Understand Degaussing Data Conversion CD Shredder/Paper Shredder Tape Duplication NSA/CSS Approved Degaussers Computer Media GSA Information NSA/CSS Approved Shedders Temperature Software The Industry's BEST WARRANTY on our Air Conditioners and Degaussers! Computer Room Fire Suppression Waterless Fire Suppression System! Click here for more Information Government, Educational, and Industrial Discounts Available. Commercial Portable Air Conditioners Computer and Server Room Air Conditioners Click here to view all models We Now RENT Air Conditioners Temperature Software Email or Pager Alert Click here for more Information Tape Degausser, Cleaners and Testers & Degaussing Services Click here to learn about Degaussing Click here to view all models We Now RENT Degaussers Data Conversion, Duplication and Replication Tape, Media and Degassing Services Click here for more Information Shredders CD's, DVD's, Credit Card and Paper Shredders Click here to view all models We have many models that are Computer Media Computer Tape, Colored Diskettes, CD's, CD Label Kits, Disk Packs & CE Alignment Click here for more Information DLT, Tape and All Other Labels Computer and Server Room Air Conditioners Click here for more Information
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