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Fishman - New Standards in Dispensing Technology - 800-433-2115 - info@fishmancorp.com Login Search: application assistance products what's new contact us trade shows literature site map home Latest News Why use AirFree components? LDS technology replaces hydraulics How to dispense solder paste! Dispensing facts! New Products Advancing Fluid Dispensing - Air Free Whether dispensing light sensitive adhesives, cyanoacrylates, epoxies, lubricants or sealants, Fishman Corporation offers simple yet innovative fluid dispensing solutions providing maximum return on investment. To profit in the global marketplace, manufacturers must master processes. The foundation of process efficiency in fluid dispensing is repeatability . Fluid waste, rejects, and low throughput are all a byproduct of inconsistent fluid dots. Dispensing has evolved from sporadic AirPulse? dispensers , to reliable valve systems to our patented highly repeatable AirFree? dispensers featuring our NoFlex? Linear Drive System (LDS). Fishman disposable silicone-free reservoirs and tips are clean, safe and flexible. Combine them with NoFlex TM LDS technology and remove the frustration associated with traditional air pulse dispensers. All Fishman disposable components are manufactured in the USA. The Fishman SpeedSpec TM product specification system is designed to help you find the fluid repeatability that is right for your application, fast! However, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Fishman Technical Sales Assistants. While we believe technology is beneficial, nothing replaces the human touch. Our Assistants are ready to help: in the US call, 800-433-2115 or contact one of our local distribution centers. Purchase a Fishman dispense system and experience a reduction in fluid consumption, an increase in production throughput, and an overall reduction in your dispensing component purchases. Sign up here for free dispenser evaluation. Use it for 30 days. You'll see results within the first week. Dispense component checklist! APPLICATION ASSISTANCE |
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