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Precision dip molding and plastic coating using plastisol, nylon, silicone, and urethane. Capable of meeting FDA, UL, USP, and MIL specifications.
Precision Dip Molding and Plastic Coating Precision Dip Molding & Plastic Coating  Precision Dip Molding & Plastic Coating • (800)966-9919 • Dip Molding In this process a mandrel (mold) is plastic coated with plastisol. The dipping ( dip molded plastic part ) is removed from the mandrel and becomes the molded part. All of our processes start with plastic coating. Dip Moldings shown in the picture are: A nasal cannula for medical oxygen delivery. A spring-reinforced heart catheter used during open heart surgury. For more on dip molding see: Overview of Dip Molding . Plastic Coating Plastic coating can be done on metal, glass or other plastics. The coatings are generally applied using either plastisol (a liquid vinyl) or powder (fluidized bed). Plastic Coatings in the picture are: A crystal clear electrical connector to see the condition of the wires inside. An undersink plumbing cover required by the ADA. For more on plastic coating see: Plastisol Coating Fluid Bed Coating 22 fully automatic computer-controlled dip molding / coating centers running 24 hours per day - 4 in a cleanroom Site Updated 6/5/2007 (800) 966-9919 • Phone: (631) 842-6889 • Fax: 631) 842-6870 • Dip Moldings Dip Moldings Overview Plastic Coatings Plastic Coatings Overview << Back << Site Map >>Home>> Site Map Company Product Lines Information Commercial Products Medical Products Artists Supplies Automotive Contact Us Careers Mission Directory Affiliates Affiliate Directory LinkToUs Search Dip Molding Machinery Flexi-Caps Nasal Cannula Wire Catheter Drains Industrial Processes Process Specifications Dip Molding Plastic Coating Other Processes Process Limits Material Specs Overview Dip Molding Commercial Dip Molding Medical Dip Molding Custom Dip Molding Commercial Plastic Coating General Plastic Coating Overview Plastic Coating Plastisol Dip Coating Fluid Bed Coating Plastisol Casting Rotational Molding Dip Molding Plastic
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