Piping Technology & Products, Inc.
PO Box 34506 
Houston TX Texas
United States 77234
Phone: +1 713 731 0030, Fax: +1 713 731 8640
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Keywords: Mechanical Building Services Piping
Manufacturers of various high quality engineered products including pipe hangers (variable and constant load), spring hangers, expansion joints, mechanical and hydraulic snubbers, insulated pipe supports (cryogenic supports/cold shoes, hot shoes), and code pressure vessels and tanks.
Piping Technology & Products, Inc. - www.swecofab.com www.usbellows.com www.fronekgrp.com www.pipeshieldsinc.com Contact Us 1(800)787-5914 PRODUCTS SERVICES TOOLS DISCUSSION FORUM NEWS SITE MAP CONTACT US EMPLOYMENT COMMUNITY QUOTE REQUEST ORDER STATUS CATALOG REQUEST E-MAIL THIS PAGE SUBSCRIBE U.S. Patent Approved Piping Technology & Products, Inc. Designed and Fabricated Spider Guides for a Heat Recovery Steam Generation Plant in Thailand (PT & P Ref# 91940-F3, WM) Components of these Cylinder Pipe Guides (a.k.a. Spider Guides) include carbon steel plates, stock clamps, angles, and hot-dipped galvanized pipes. The Guides range in pipe size from 6" to 16". The maximum design temperature for the Spider Guides is 750ºF.