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Plas-Pak Industries, Inc.
1 Connecticut Ave 
Norwich CT Connecticut
United States 06360
Phone: +1 860 889 3383
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Manufacturers of plastic syringes & cartridges.
Plas-Pak Industries, Inc. - Manufacture of Industrial Plastic Packaging, Medication Applicators and Veternary Medical Supplies Home About Plas-Pak Industries, Inc. Dial-A-Dose Syringes Veterinary Syringes Veterinary Cartridges Dual Syringe Dental Syringe Enema Nozzles Ratio-Pak Cartridges Adhesive Dispensers Static Mixers Ratio-Pak HSS Spray Disposable Syringes Mini Cartridge Dispensing Systems Welcome to Plas-Pak Industries, Inc. Plas-Pak Industries is a proud manufacturer of single and dual component plastic syringes, cartridges, static mixers, delivery systems, and both human and veterinary health care packaging. For over 20 years, Plas-Pak has strived to improve and to diversify our unique line of disposable plastic packaging. We will work closely with you to design, produce, assemble, and deliver stock or custom products world-wide. Dial-A-Dose Syringes Veterinary Syringes Veterinary Supplies Dual Syringe Dental Syringe Enema Nozzles Disposable Syringes Our convenient Dial-A-Dose syringes are available in pre-measured single or multiple doses, allowing for controlled dispensing and precision placement of creams, pastes, and gels. We offer a wide variety of disposable medication applicators for Dental and pharmaceutical applications, including Mini-Dual Syringes with Micro Static Mixers, Rectal and Vaginal Gel Applicators, Dental Whitener Syringes and more. Plas-Pak Disposable Syringes are available with a wide variety of nozzles to serve a range of industries from Veterinary & Human Pharmaceuticals to Industrial, Consumer, and many others. More Information>> More Information>> More Information>> Ratio-Pak Cartridges Adhesive Dispensers Static Mixers Ratio-Pak HSS Spray Systems Mini Cartridge Dispensing Systems Plas-Pak's Ratio-Pak offers an innovative, patented system for packaging, metering, mixing, and dispensing of two-component adhesives, sealants, foams, coatings, and potting compounds. Our HSS Industrial Spray System offers our customers an innovative adhesive dispensing system, utili