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Fabless semiconductor firm. Low cost, low power, high performance 8-bit embedded processors, clock speeds to 30 MHz. Integrated development tools for embedded control, communications, Ethernet connectivity; support remote coding.
Rabbit Semiconductor is the industry leader in low-cost 8-bit embedded microprocessors and development tools for embedded control, communications, and Ethernet connectivity. • Low-Cost Dev Kits • Application Kits • RabbitCores • Latest Downloads • NEW Rabbit Forums • Training/Events News and Notes Customer Success Story - RCM3100 Helps to Save Lives Ray Steckenrider of Scan Technology Inc. with the help of Rabbit Semiconductor aims to develop an age verification system to help save lives by preventing underage drinking and driving. Read More Customer Success Story - RCM3200 Works Hard to Capture the Moment Steve Marchant of Marvell Consultants along with Rabbit Semiconductor and Picsolve offer amusement park customers with a picture perfect experience. Read More Electronic Design - Hopping On ZigBee Rabbit Semiconductor is known for its Rabbit line of microcontrollers and modules based on these chips. The modules allow developers to get a jump on the competition by providing a platform with 90% of the hardware design completed. Read More Demystifying 802.15.4 and ZigBee This Article explores the ZigBee protocol industry standard for data transmission, and the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol on which it was built. We will define the frequencies used, the bandwidth it occupies, and networking features unique to each of these protocols and explore the features they were designed to use. Read More Rabbit Goes Wireless with Wi-Fi and ZigBee Rabbit Semiconductor is boldly going wireless by offering two new wireless technologies directly integrated in new RabbitCore? modules. Customers can now connect their products to a network without wiring headaches. Read More Customer Success Story - RCM3100 Gets You In The Groove A group called Soul in the Machine aims to change the live-electronic-dance music experience, and Rabbit Semiconductor with the RCM3100 is there to lend a helping hand. Read More Nuts and Volts Magazine - Core Networking Development: Zigbee WHEN RABBIT SEMICONDUCTOR RELEASES a d