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Charlotte NC North Carolina
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Phone: +1 704 554 7474, Fax: +1 704 552 7594
Reagents, Inc. | Fine Chemicals and Chemical Solutions PRODUCTS | SEARCH | SPECIALS | GENERAL INFO | LINKS | TABLES | ABOUT US | SUGGESTIONS | SITE MAP | CONTACT | HOME Reagents, Incorporated manufactures and distributes laboratory chemicals and chemical solutions to industry, hospitals and government agencies. Our company philosophy is to supply our customers with quality chemicals at competitive prices, with prompt and efficient service. For more information about our products and services browse our Web site or call us at 1-800-732-8484. Reagents offers: A full line of fine chemicals and chemical solutions. Custom solutions and packaging. 500mL to 1,750 gallon batch-size capability for solutions. Standard and custom buffers, normalities, molarities, and mixtures, etc. Private labeling. Full traceability documentation for ISO 9001:2000 requirements. Container labels that meet all OSHA requirements. Solution labels that give actual normality at time of preparation. Products that are standardized directly against NIST SRMs. Expiration dates on all products. Quick Form Links Express Order Form If you know the Catalog No. of the item you want, use this form Download COA or MSDS To download COA or MSDS sheets in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format, use this form. Misc. Items Order Form If you have Custom Items or items not listed in the Online Catalog, use this form. Custom Solution Quote To request a price quote for a custom solution, use this form. You may obtain information or technical support by: Telephone: 1-800-732-8484 Mail: PO Box 240746 Charlotte, NC 28224 Fax: 1-704-552-7594 Email: Download the Reagents 2007-2008 Product catalog We gladly accept these credit cards OUR PRODUCT LINE REAGENTS, INC Catalog Index/Search Custom Solutions Specials ISO 9001:2000 Grades/Purity Containers Express Order Form EMD High Purity Solvents Trace Metal Acids Dispensers Media Moisture Titrators Karl Fischer Reagents Spill Kit HIGH-PURITY SOLVENTS LABCHEM MALLINCKRODT High Purity Solvents Biotech Products Cleaning Solution RICCA SPEC
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