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Manufacturing and fabricating plastic films and reinforced laminates, through, printing, slitting, fusion welding, heat sealing, and sewing of plastic film for a number of industries.
Reef Industries, Inc. Request Information | Contact | En Español Toll Free 1.800.231.6074 Since 1957, Reef Industries has been manufacturing reinforced polyethylene laminates designed for a wide range of applications. Available in a range of weights, thickness' and special composites, Reef Industries will provide you with the very best technology and quality to protect and prolong the service life of your investments. Reef Industries offers performance engineered plastic laminates that are highly resistant to tears and punctures with an exceptional ability to withstand extended exposure to adverse weather conditions and contaminates. Our products have excellent chemical resistance and low permeability providing maximum protection. It is not by chance that our products have become the #1 choice among architects and engineers. Product Changes Going Into Effect FME Griffolyn Cover Reef Celebrates 50 Years and gets a New Look! 04.30.07: Save Your Hay and Your Money 04.27.07: Crowd Control Barricade Tape 04.05.07: Custom Containment 04.05.07: Heat Shrinkable Shipping Covers 04.03.07: Communicate Your Message with Barricade Tape 04.03.07: Aquaculture Demands 04.02.07: Custom Pond Liner 03.06.07: Pond Liners 09.08.06: Griffolyn Landfill Covers 08.02.06: Roll-A-Sign Disposable Banners 07.31.06: Factory Direct Barricade Tapes 07.17.06: Griffolyn Greenhouse Covers 06.09.06: Griff Shrink Shipping Covers 05.03.06: Transguard 4000 02.20.06: Need Better Communication 02.14.06: Griffolyn Agricultural Covers 02.07.06: Provide Protection For Your Pond 01.23.06: Complete Field Protection 01.10.06: Reef's Got You Covered 11.07.05: How Important Is the Health of your Plants 11.07.05: Complete Moisture Control for your Concrete Slabs Home | About Reef | Services | Divisions | Industries | Categories | Data & MSDS | FAQ ©2007 Reef Industries, Inc.