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Ferrites, Isolators, Circulators, Combiners, Dividers, Base Station Products, Switches REC has provided the RF & Microwave community with quality components & customer service for over 15 years. Click a product line below, to get started. Our product line features Ferrites (Isolators, Circulators), Electro-Mechanical Switches, Switch Matrices, Fixed Attenuators, Power Combiners, Power Dividers, Products for Base Station Applications and Wireless Transceivers. We manufacture products for the Military, Avionics, Industrial and Consumer Sectors. Many of our components are in use by US & coalition forces around the world. ISO 9001 Certified Isolators, Circulators | Base Station Products Switches | Switch Matrix | Dividers, Combiners | Wireless Transceivers Promo Video Low (7MB) | High (14MB) NEW! E-Commerce! Check out Stock Products NEW! WiMAX Circulators 2.5, 3.5, 5GHz available! Contact Bruce Simpson NEW! 1.5kW Circulator digital radio applications Model 3A1NBV High Rel, Low Cost X & Ku Band Isolators See our R-Series Website ! Newsletters Current: July 2007 Past Archive HERE ! NEW! Ad Archive View recent ads Renaissance Electronics Corporation ∙ 12 Lancaster County Road ∙ Harvard, MA 01451 Tel: 978-772-7774 Fax: 978-772-7772 Copyright ? 2007 Website Design by Technology Seed