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Squid Ink: manufacturer of coding and marking solutions leader in industrial printers Discover Your Best Source for Ink Jet Fluids and Industrial Coding and Marking Systems New Products Replacement Fluids Large Character Printers Hi-Res Printers Applications s quid Ink is a growing manufacturer of superior quality inks, ink jet printing equipment, and material handling equipment specialized for the packaging industry. Our inks and equipment are designed to print the highest quality bar codes, batch numbers, date codes, logos and large or small character text directly on substrates such as corrugated cases, plastics, metals, glass, wood and many others. o ur inks are used in hi-res ink jet, large character DOD (drop-on-demand), small character CIJ (continuous ink jet) and contact coder printing systems. o ur business philosophy is based on a fair pricing strategy that offers customers the highest quality products at the fairest prices. We thank you for your interest in Squid Ink and we look forward to earning your business as we strive to become The Right Solution to all your marking and coding needs . Home | Products | Services | Videos | News | Ink Jet Basics | Trade Shows About Us | Careers | Contact Us | Internal Email | Sales Reps | End Of Life | Site Map Copyright ? 2007 Squid Ink Manufacturing, Inc. All rights reserved. Graphics, logos, images and brands are trademarks and copyrights of their respective owners. Ink Jet Coding and Marking Manufacturers Since 1992 Toll Free: (800)-877-5658
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