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Specialty commercial nondestructive testing laboratory offering radiographic, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, acoustic emission and visual/CWI services to all industries.
Welcome to RNDT, Inc. - Pennsylvania's Leader in Nondestructive Testing Services N O N D E S T R U C T I V E O T E S T I N G O S E R V I C E S RNDT, Inc. is a NADCAP & ISO-17025 accredited commercial testing and research laboratory located in Johnstown, PA. We provide both X-ray and gamma radiography, all liquid penetrant techniques, all magnetic particle techniques, ultrasonic testing, positive material identification, PMI, and visual (CWI) inspections. We currently employ ASNT NDT Level III Examiners in UT RT AE MT PT & VT and EN-473 / ISO-9712 Level III Examiners in UT RT MT & PT. These certifications satisfy global requirements for nondestructive testing personnel including the stringent requirements for the European Pressure Equipment Directive. We also employ ASNT ACCP Professional Level III Examiners in the testing methods of UT RT MT PT & VT, AWS-CWI, OSHA Crane Inspectors and API-510 Examiners in addition to multiple NAS-410-2 NDT Level II technicians. See Codes and Standards RNDT’s professional certified technicians and best available technologies are your complete resource for nondestructive testing. RNDT, Inc. Nondestructive Testing and Research Services NADCAP / ISO-17025 Accredited 228 Maple Avenue | Johnstown, PA 15901 Tel:814-535-5448 | Toll Free: 1-800-505-RNDT | Fax: 814-535-5667 For General Information, Sales, or Customer Support: Excellence in Nondestructive Testing Who We Are Positive material identification, (PMI), X-ray radiography, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, ultrasonics, Welcome to our website. RNDT, Inc. is a commercial nondestructive testing & research laboratory located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, that specializes in difficult NDT applications and techniques. We recently renovated the interior of our Johnstown facility and updated our equipment with some of the newest and most advanced technology available. Our competitive rates and expertise have enticed many companies to explore and utilize the services we offer. In fact, we have learned that the closer w
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