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Design, sales and rentals of lighting, laser displays and special effects for nightclubs, theaters, performances, exhibits, and special events. Pembroke, MA.
ROCTRONICS ENTERTAINMENT LIGHTING, LASER DISPLAYS, & SPECIAL EFFECTS ENTERTAINMENT LIGHTING, LASER DISPLAYS & SPECIAL EFFECTS for Nightclubs, Theaters, Stage performances, Exhibits, Tradeshows, Museums, Concerts, Amusements centers, Parties, Shows, Special events, etc. Since 1965: CUSTOM ENGINEERED DESIGNS, SALES & RENTALS LAYOUT OF WEB SITE: Each indentation is a linked sub-page of the one above. About Roctronics Design Services Products & Prices: Red Pages - STAGE ILLUMINATION SYSTEMS Dimming Systems & Lighting Instruments Stage Lighting Basics Yellow Pages - SPECIAL EFFECTS Prices & Descriptions: Beacons, Bubblers, Blacklight, Color Filters, Confetti Cannons, Control Panels, Foggers, Mirrored Balls, many Motorized Beam Projectors, PARs, Pinspots, Ropes, Scanners, Starline, Strobes, Towers Green Pages: KINETIC PROJECTORS Laser Displays Blue Pages: SURFACING MATERIALS Mirror, Glitter, Prism Magenta Pages: LUMINOUS DISPLAYS Underlit Dancefloors, Animated full-color Displays, Crystal Chroma Display Videotape Library: Lighting & Special Effects Beginning Beekeeping Although we are constantly expanding this web site, we appreciate your feedback: does it address your personal needs? Please Email , fax (781-826-8889),or phone (781-826-8888) us with your suggestions for improvements. Dr. Iacobucci, Pres. (c) Sept. 1997 ROCTRONICS Dr. Iacobucci, Pres. Roctronics Park Pembroke, MA 02359 - USA Voice: 781-826-8888 Fax (781) 826-8889---24 hrs. Email (