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Rogers Corporation
PO Box 188 
Rogers CT Connecticut
United States 06263
Phone: +1 480 917 5259, Fax: +1 480 917 5256
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Manufactures and markets specialty polymer and electronic materials for targeted applications, focused on communication and computer markets. (NYSE: ROG)
Welcome to Rogers Corporation Rogers Corporation Product Offering Busbars Elastomer Components Electroluminescent Lamps/Drivers Flexible Circuit Materials High Frequency Laminates High Performance Foams Laminated/Coated Tapes Printing Products Thermal Management Solutions Literature (All products) Markets Communications Computers and Hard Disk Drives Imaging Transportation Consumer Military Rogers Divisions Advanced Circuit Materials Busbar Durel Elastomer Components Environmental High Performance Foams Induflex TMS Welcome Rogers Corporation is a manufacturer of high-performance specialty material products, serving a diverse range of markets that includes portable communication devices, communication infrastructure, consumer products, computer and office equipment, ground transportation and aerospace and defense. Its four broad product categories are as follows: Advanced Circuit Materials ; high frequency circuit materials and flexible circuit substrates; High Performance Foams ; silicone foams and polyurethane foams; Custom Electrical Components; electroluminescent lamps, inverters, busbars and engineered thermal materials; and Other Polymer Products ; nitrile rubber floats, elastomeric components, polyolefin foams, and non-woven composite material. These specialty materials can be found just about everywhere: in cell phone handsets, satellite TV dishes, computers and base stations, printers, automobiles, and footwear as well as in a wide variety of other applications. Rogers, headquartered in Rogers, CT, is a global technology leader with manufacturing facilities located in the United States, Europe, China, and Korea, and sales offices worldwide. The Company also has joint ventures in Japan and China with Inoac Corporation, in Taiwan with Chang Chun Plastics, and in the U.S. with Mitsui Chemicals. Rogers Corporation Financial News Last 10 Entries ( View Archive ) 07/26/2007 Rogers Corporation Invites You to Join Its Second Quarter Earnings Conference Call 06/27/2007 Rogers Corporation Announces Additional Rest