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Rycom Instruments Utility Locators - Accurate Utility Locating Made Simple Find Authorized Dealers Western United States >> Midwest United States >> Eastern United States >> Canada >> Mexico >> Europe >> Middle East >> Pacific Rim >> Locators By Industry Telco/CATV >> Power T & D >> Water, Sewer, Plumbing >> Gas & LPNG Transmission >> Survey and Construction >> Phase Identification for Transmission Distribution Identify all 12 power phase attributes in your power grid to increase efficiency, reduce downtime and save money. Start Here  >> MyRycom Dealers Website Dealers log in to the MyRycom web site. Start Here  >> Locating Basics Video New to locating? Learn the basics for setting up an accurate locate. Watch the Video Here  >>   Simple, accurate and affordable utility locating packages for metallic pipes and cables and non-metallic conduits. Highly accurate digital receivers with push button depth and multiple frequencies. Learn More >>> Affordable and lightweight camera inspection systems with LCD displays. Choose from built in recorders or external recorders, self-leveling and mini/micro cameras. Learn More >>> Save money and reduce costly neutral current by postively identifying Primary and Secondary Phase attributes on power transmission and distrubution networks. Field measurements are fast and GPS accurate. Learn More >>> Locators and Products By Industry Cable, Metal and Marker Locators for Power and Communications Multi Frequency Digital and Analog Line Locators 8880-DFF | 8879-RF/CP | 8869 | 8856-1w | 8831 Magnastick 101/102 | 8890-MP Pipe, Sonde and Leak Locators for Plumbing, Sewer and Gas Multi Frequency Digital and Analog Pipe Locators and Leak Locators 8872-SD | 8872-1w | 8846-SD | LD-8000 Inspection Cameras for 3" to 8" Pipes Color and B & W Cameras with LCD Screens and Digital Recorders RI-800 | RI-1100/VHS | RI-1200/DVD Linemen's Tools for Power Transmission and D