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SAF-T-LOK International Corp.
300 Eisenhower Ln N 
Lombard IL Illinois
United States 60148
Phone: +1 630 495 2001, Fax: +1 630 495 8813
Tags: adhesive adhesives aerosols control curing equipment hazardous lubricants material nickel sealants silicone
Keywords: Coatings and Adhesives Adhesives
U.S. manufacturer of anaerobic adhesives and sealants, cyanoacrylates "instant glue", anti-seize and lubricants.
SAF-T-LOK International Corp. - Adhesives, Sealants, Anti-Seize and Lubricants. Your browser does not support JavaScript THREADLOCKING RETAINING GASKETING THREAD SEALING PIPE SEALING RTV SILICONE INSTANT BONDING STRUCTURAL ANTI-SEIZE LUBRICANTS SEALANTS MAINTENANCE CHEMICALS EQUIPMENT Developed for the latest technology, SAF-T-LOK ? adhesives are designed to provide performance characteristics that others only talk about. SAF-T-LOK has been the primary supplier of Anaerobic Adhesives to the Space Program and the US Military as well as leading edge industries. SAF-T-LOK INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION ? 1997-2007
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