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Manufacturer of gas discharge tubes for surge protection with an online catalog of these protectors.
Gas Discharge Tube Surge Arresters, and SAN-EARTH M5C Conductive Grounding Cement Welcome to Sankosha For over 75 years, we have developed and manufactured the Ceramic Gas Tube Surge Arrester (Gas Discharge Tube or GDT). Sankosha gas tube arresters protect personnel, equipment and circuitry from abnormally high voltages caused by lightning or electrical transients. Our surge protection devices have well defined surge-limiting characteristics enabling them to spark over (or breakdown) when the abnormal voltage on a line reaches a specific level. When sparkover occurs in the GDT, the surge is redirected to earth. Sankosha?s gas tube arrestors are known for their quality. Throughout the world, products from our factories provide protection for equipment and personnel. Sankosha has been selling gas tube arresters in the U.S. since the seventies and Sankosha U.S.A., Inc., the company?s 100% owned subsidiary, was established in 1987 to better service the growing market in the Americas. Different applications require different surge suppressors and Sankosha provides gas tubes to meet every need. Consumer electronics, modems, satellite, computer, CATV/Broadband, industrial, and telecom circuit protection are just a few areas that utilize our gas discharge tubes. Sankosha?s gas discharge tubes are extremely durable and provide the industry?s best impulse life specifications. They feature high surge ratings with very low capacitance and provide excellent response to fast rising transients. Sankosha gas discharge tubes are available in axial leaded, radial leaded, surface mount, and special packages. High voltage gas tube models like the Y08SV-312B are designed for power supply applications where HiPot testing is required, and we also manufacture very small gas tube arrester models for surface mount applications where real estate is at a premium. Sankosha?s GDT?s come in both two and three electrode configurations. Discharge voltages from 75V to 6000V are available. In the 1970?s, Sankosha developed SAN-EARTH , the original