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Products for preserving, chinking, caulking and staining log homes.
Sashco, Inc. Log Home Maintenance and restoration products and sealants for conventional home construction. On June 15, 1936, Donald J. Burch decided to go into business as the Colorado Steel Sash Company. The original site was located in Denver on Cherry Creek Drive. It started out as a new window manufacturer, but it wasn't long before the need for material to glaze steel windows changed the company's course to become a sealant manufacturer. The Colorado Steel Sash Company became known throughout building trades for its integrity and product quality. These products were known as the "Sashco" brand, to which the company changed its name in 1973. Since that time, Sashco has led the way in innovation and product performance by developing high quality sealants for both conventional home construction and log home finishing and maintenance. In 1985, our first log home product was introduced, Log Jam Chinking ( Log Home Chinking ). We now offer a complete line of ecologically safe, compatible products for log home finishing, log home stains, maintenance and restoration. Our product line includes chinking, caulking, interior and exterior stains, log cleaning products, borates and, even corn cob blasting equipment. Equally important is the staff of people available to answer your questions. With 5 in-house chemists, 5 customer service reps who have graduated from our hands-on professional training course, Zero Failures, we are here to serve you with the most responsive, knowledgeable team in the log home industry. So whether you are building a new log home or cabin, or have questions about maintenance or restoration, call us. We can help. From chimney to foundation, Sashco has a select group of caulks and sealants for specific home applications, interior and exterior. Lexel, the original clear caulk in a clear tube, is ideal for kitchens and baths; Lexel's water resistance is virtually instantaneous. Big Stretch is our water-based (for easy tooling and clean-up) caulk and sealant for doors, log home caulk , wi