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Schaefer Machine Company Inc.
200 Commercial Dr 
Deep River CT Connecticut
United States 06417
Phone: +1 661 251 5587
Schaefer Machine Company Schaefer Machine Company Schaefer Machine Company Inc. specializes in the manufacture of roll coating machinery used for the application of adhesive or coating to sheet materials. Schaefer gluing machines for cold glue range from a 6" wide label cementer to a 50" wide topside coater. For hotmelt adhesives applications we make Schaefer gluing machinery ranging from a 3" wide open - end hotmelt roll coater to a 40" wide machine. Schaefer machines can be used for the application of a wide variety of coating and glue including water base adhesives, latex cement, solvent base glue, hot animal glue, hotmelt adhesive, and ultraviolet cured coating. Schaefer machines are available to apply adhesive or coating to parts from paper thickness to 6" thick. About Roll Coaters Adhesives Edge Coaters Hot Melt HM Hot Melt RT Series Label Cementers Sheet Cementers Smoothing Press Solvent Cementer Topside Coaters Custom Machine Design MSDS What's New Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). Microsoft XP Internet Explorer(tm) cannot run Java(tm) without a plugin available from the creator of Java, SUN(tm) at Please upgrade your browser. In addition to adhesive roll coating machines, we supply the following equipment for gluing, coating, and lamination: Smoothing Presses (lamination machine with powered nip rollers) Adhesive recirculation systems Water base adhesives Hotmelt adhesives Topside Application machines for U.V. cured finish coating To find out more about Schaefer machines and products CLICK HERE and use our information request form (or call us.) Schaefer Machine Company Inc. 200 Commercial Drive Deep River, CT 06417 (860) 526-4000 FAX 860-526-4654 Be sure to visit the Glue Store for all your (schaeferglue) adhesive needs. Index