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Designs, manufactures, and sells interface electronics for industrial computers. Specializes in plug-in adapter boards for data acquisition, video image capture, machine control and communications.
Sensoray is an OEM of frame grabbers, data acquisition and machine communication products. Parametric Search Products New Products Analog to Digital - A/D Bus-to-Bus Adapters Cables CPU's Data Acquisition Digital I/O Digital to Analog - D/A Digital Video Recorders Encoder Interfaces Frame Grabbers Load Cell Inputs Machine Control Power Supplies Sensor Interface Software Temperature Inputs Termination Boards Video Display Video Server Vision Products Support Technical Support Contact Sensoray Company Information Sales Ordering Distributors System Integrators Employment Employment Opportunities Sensoray Co., Inc. 7313 SW Tech Center Dr. Tigard, Or 97223 p. 503.684.8005 f. 503.684.8164 New Embedded Applications MPEG/ MJPEG Frame Grabber | Model 314 The new low cost PC/104+ MPEG-4,2,1 and MJPEG frame grabber captures full-frame video at 30 frames per second. Uncompressed video ,two synchronized audio input channels and on screen display of text (OSD). Linux, QNX and Windows drivers are supplied. USB MPEG Frame Grabber | Model 2255 (below) A multichannel, low-latency, USB video capture device. Boasting an impressive total capture rate of 60 frames per second (fps), the 2255 allows for simultaneous video capture of up to 4 composite NTSC or PAL video sources at 15 fps or 2 channels at a full 30 fps. Full frame rate capture is possible across all channels simultaneously . Strain Gauge via Ethernet | Model 2612 (below) The 2612 allows simultaneous measurement of up to four 350 strain gauges. Two voltage sense lines for the bridge input provide true 6-wire measurement with 200 nV resolution at a 6 Hz rate. The microcontroller provides I/O services to the remote 2601 client via a category-5 cable. The cat-5 cable supplies isolated serial communication and power to the microcontrollers. We bet you've already seen some of our embedded applications Strain Gauge via Ethernet USB Frame Grabber Sensoray Frame Grabbers are used in a system implemented on advice of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board after the Space Shuttle