Senspex, Inc.
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Rio Rancho NM New Mexico
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Tags: machine vision
Senspex Inc. - Thermal Imaging Technologies OVERVIEW Senspex, Inc. provides custom photonic technology solutions for security, surveillance, chemical analysis, and detection applications. Our products and services include: thermal imaging solutions , customized security management systems , video test equipment and chemical identification instruments . Our team of highly qualified technical personnel can provide design, development, integration, installation and troubleshooting services for complete management of security systems, providing expertise in: Thermal imaging, day/night, and infrared surveillance solutions including ultra-long and micro-short range observation and specialized spectral response requirements. Security system design, including access control, intrusion detection, object tracking, intelligent video data, Internet Protocol camera and security networking, and fault isolation. System data management and communications including microwave systems, fiber optics and remote mechanical controls. Material identification and tracking by advanced spectroscopy and machine vision technologies. Senspex is a certified SBA 8(a) company and a registered GSA Contractor. PRODUCTS THERMAL IMAGING CAMERAS -- Thermal imaging is a technology that captures heat emitted  by objects.  Hotter objects, such as warm bodies, have a greater level of emissivity than cooler objects such as trees  or buildings. FALCON X -- Senspex's Field Deployable Logistics Camera for Reconnaissance (Falcon-X) is ideal for applications that require field deployable camera equipment for surveillance and reconnaissance in total darkness. SEE OUR PRODUCTS PAGE FOR ADDITIONAL OFFERINGS.  SERVICES SECURITY INSTALLATIONS --Comprised of well-educated, highly competent engineers, programmers and systems administrators, Senspex provides systems integration support for total network solutions. SENSPEX IS ALSO INVOLVED IN THE R & D OF NEW PRODUCTS Senspex is a member of these organizations: The Association of the U.S. Army Contact: Senspex, Inc. 33