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Sentry Air Systems, Inc.
6999 W Little York, Ste P1 
Houston TX Texas
United States 77040
Phone: +1 800 799 4609, Fax: +1 713 690 7872
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Keywords: Air Quality Indoor Air Quality
Manufactures a patented line of high-efficiency modular benchtop air purifier devices. Used for industrial sources of smoke, vapor, fumes and dust.
Air Purification Systems, Ductless Hoods & Fume Extractors Industrial Air Cleaners - Activated Carbon Filter & Hepa Filter Systems by Sentry Air Systems You must have the flash player to view this photo. Sentry Air Systems, Inc. 800-799-4609 Air Cleaners with HEPA filters and Activated Carbon filters to provide Air Purification in Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Manufacturing and Industrial facilities. Typical Applications Include: Electronics: Source Capture for Solder Fumes and Solder Pot fumes. Laboratories: Ductless Fume Hoods, Units with Flex Arms, and Benchtop Air Purifiers with Activated Carbon filters and HEPA filters. Pharmaceutical : Tabletop Units for Pharmaceutical Compounding, or Positive Pressure Hepa Filtration for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. Laser Marking: Direct Mount Filtration Systems, for Enclosed Automated Machinery Manufacturing: Benchtop, Fixed and Portable Air Purifiers for a wide variety of applications. Welding: Portable Air Purifiers for a wide variety of welding applications. Room Air Cleaners: Tabletop Air Purifier or Portable Air Cleaner for effective Air Purification. Positive HEPA Filters: Ventilation for sensitive operations where an enclosed area of positive pressure ultra clean air is required. Thank you for your interest in air purifier products from SAS . We are a Houston based manufacturer of high quality floor, bench top, mounted and portable air purification devices. The company was initially founded in 1983 as a distributor. Then in 1995, drawing on several years of experience gained in the industry, we began manufacturing this quiet and compact line of patented air cleaners offering simple and unique air solutions for many laboratory and manufacturing operations. SAS products are designed to be dependable, quiet, and economical. We offer three primary types of air purifiers. The first is the Model 100 solder extractor which incorporates a single HEPA filter, and is intended for use on benchtops for small solder smoke and solder fume applications. The second is the
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