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Servometer Bellows, Couplings and Electroforms - Home Servometer Online Home About Us News & Events Find a Rep Job Opportunities Contact Us Product Offerings Custom Plating Bellows Electroforms Couplings Contacts Services 501 Little Falls Road Cedar Grove, NJ 07009-1291 Ph: 973-785-4630 Fax: 973-785-0756 Driving Directions Servometer-PMG,LLC has purchased Edge Welded Bellows Company BellowsTech, LLC. - Innovative Solutions for Imaginative Engineers. Miniature Metal Bellows ?for metallic hermetic seals, volume compensators, pressure and temperature sensors, flexible connectors, and countless other applications where quality, dependability, reliability and long life are critical requirements. Electroforms Servometer manufactures many specialty electroforms which normal electroplating companies cannot produce. Our electroforms can be made with unusual shapes, and close tolerances. They are lightweight with a rugged structural rigidity. Flexible Shaft Couplings Servometer couplings exhibit both low windup due to the bellows? radial rigidity, and low side thrust due to the bellows? lateral flexibility. Other coupling types have either low windup or low side thrust, but not both. Bellows Spring Contacts Bellows spring contacts are used where the connection cannot or should not be permanent, particularly when the parts are to be inserted, removed and re-inserted. The two types of spring contacts best suited for these applications are gold-plated wire mesh cylinders and gold-plated miniature metal bellows.