Shionogi Qualicaps
650 Franz Warner Pkwy 
Whitsett NC North Carolina
United States 27377
Phone: +1 336 449 3900, Fax: +1 336 449 3333
Tags: equipment inspection
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Manufactures gelatin capsules for the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries.
Qualicaps - The premier global supplier of two-piece capsules and capsule machinery. Search: CORPORATE PRODUCTS SERVICES ORDER LINKS FAQ's SITE MAP CONTACT PRIVACY The pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries around the world count on Qualicaps to supply hard two-piece capsules and related manufacturing equipment. With manufacturing sites in the United States, Europe and Japan, customers can rely on quick service no matter where they are located. And with over 100 years in the business, Qualicaps has a proven track record in providing the highest quality capsules. Standard capsules made from gelatin and Quali-V hypromellose (HPMC: non-animal alternative) are supplied by Qualicaps. In addition Qualicaps offers a proprietary product line of capsule filling equipment, sealing machinery, check-weighing equipment, and capsule and tablet inspection equipment. Qualicaps is a full service provider with one goal in mind, to be the premier global supplier of two-piece capsules and related equipment. As a full-service provider Qualicaps has one goal in mind every day to be the premier global supplier of two-piece capsule and capsule machinery. Vision statement: Qualicaps is committed to being the premier global supplier of two-piece capsules and capsule machinery by: Being the global leader for high-performance hypromellose (HPMC) capsules Providing superior quality two-piece gelatin capsules Designing high capacity, reliable capsule-filling machines and related equipment Investing in research and development of new capsule technologies and applications. FAQ'S SITE MAP CONTACT