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SL Montevideo Technology Inc.
2002 Black Oak Ave 
Montevideo MN Minnesota
United States 56265
Phone: +1 320 235 6425, Fax: +1 320 231 1888
Tags: assemblies automation centrifugal centrifuges coils factory medical pumps
Keywords: Electronics and Electrical Electromechanical Electric Motors
Brush and brushless AC and DC electric motors, controllers, and component manufacturing and engineering.
SL Montevideo Technology BLM Series for high performance applications Designed for high performance applications, brushless motors in the BLM series have high torque to inertia ratios, high operating efficiencies, and the highest power densities in the industry today. This makes the BLM series of brushless motors ideal for rigorous applications that require maximum performance under stringent operating conditions. BLC Series for high power applications With continous torque capabilities of 400 pound-inches and beyond, BLC series brushless motors are designed with high power applications in mind. A combination of high efficiency and high torque and power densities makes BLC series motors ideal for applications such as traction systems, blowers, factory automation and centrifugal pumps. BLLC Series for industrial applications Integrating quality materials with efficient production methods, BLLC motors are designed to provide cost-effective solutions for a broad array of industrial applications where the emphasis is on long operating life and performance, but where the operating specifications do not dictate the need for very high performance motors. BLLC series brushless motors have been used in medical applications, factory automation, semiconductor cooling, focusing mechanisms, and many other applications. BVLC Series for commercial applications The BVLC series of brushless DC Motors is intended for less stringent commercial applications where the emphasis is on high volume production at low unit cost. Such applications where BVLC series brushless motors have been used are actuators, centrifuges, compressors, fluid pumps, as well as many other applications. Integrated motors and drives are available. BLCM Series for medical applications BLCM series brushless motors are designed for medical applications. These brushless motors have high operating efficiency, extremely high torque and power densities, and high torque to inertia ratios. BLCM motors are designed to withstand autoclave cleaning and sterilization under