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Smooth-On, Inc.
2000 Saint John St 
Easton PA Pennsylvania
United States 18042
Phone: +1 610 252 5800, Fax: +1 610 252 6200
Tags: epoxies foundries liquid plastics silicone urethane
Keywords: Polymers Plastics Resins and Compounds
Manufactures liquid rubber and liquid plastic compounds used to make molds and castings. Serves artists, restoration professionals, concrete casters, special-effects creators, industrial prototypers.
Mold Making, Mold Rubber and Casting Resins From Smooth-On Architectural Restoration Candle Making Concrete Casting Prototyping Sculpture Taxidermy Special Effects Life Casting Spraying Rubber And Plastic FAQ Video Library Find Your Nearest Distributor Order Online Press Releases Seminars Directions and Map - How to Get to Smooth-On continued... What's New in Rubber & Plastic For the absolute latest on new mold making and casting products and developments, this is the place to go! Silicone mold rubber, urethane mold rubber, liquid plastics, casting resins, foams and duoMatrix. Smooth Talkin' Newsletter This Newsletter gives you all the inside info and the latest trends in mold making and casting. How to Make molds and castings and live to tell about it. Products Need to find a specific product for just your application? Seminars This two-day intensive learning experience is the fastest way to get you on your way to making your own molds and castings. Lucasfilms, Moen, IBM, Stonecrete, the FBI and other organizations from around the world send their aspiring mold makers to these seminars for a jump-start or a new perspective. Better hurry, though; they're popular and sell out months in advance. New to Mold Making and Casting? Don't be afraid . . . Getting
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