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STI Electronics, Inc. Training Resources STI as an IPC Certification center offers instructor and operator courses for J-STD-001, IPC-A-610, IPC-A-600, IPC/WHMA-A-620, and IPC-7711/7721 as well as customized courses. STI is also one of the largest distributors of dummy components and solder and process development kits. Learn more.... Engineering Services STI?s Engineering Services capabilities include Manufacturing Simulation and Modeling, Design for Manufacturability, Design for Testability, and Process Profiling and Proofing. New discrete event simulation modeling software, along with customizable production readiness assessment templates have been developed and implemented to help companies evaluate production line capabilities and yields, as well as identify inefficiencies and waste. Learn more.... Assembly & Solder Supplies STI is a distributor for over 80 different product lines supporting the electronics industry. As a complete source for all your business needs, we carry a diverse array of products ranging from solders, fluxes, solvents and chemicals to ESD protection products. We stock several lines of soldering, desoldering and rework/repair equipment along with consumables and accessories. Contact us today, whether you need hand tools, magnification lighting, or chairs and workbenches, we have the products you use every day. Learn more.... Click here for Surplus Inventory! | Employment Opportunities SUBSCRIBE TO THE STI NEWSLETTER! Subscribe Unsubscribe **MISSION STATEMENT** Our mission is to be the total solutions partner for our customers in the electronics industry and related services. We offer advanced engineering and analytical lab support, training materials and services, and electronic assembly and solder supplies in a manner that meets and exceeds our customers' needs and expectations. STI Electronics, Inc Copyright ©2005 All Rights Reserved Site Maintained & Developed by Belzon, Inc