Sorbent Products Co.
645 Howard Avenue 
Somerset NJ New Jersey
United States 08873
Phone: +1 732 302 0080
Keywords: Energy and Environment Waste Management Spill Containment and Remediation
Manufacturer of sorbents and sorbent products for industrial and environmental purposes.
SPC Sorbents For Industrial & Environmental Spill Control Sorbent Products Company is the premier manufacturer of oil sorbents. These melt-blown sorbents are ideal for oil spill, industrial spill, oil cleanup, environmental and safety applications. Contact us at or contact us at . Sorbent Products Company, 645 Howard Avenue, Somerset NJ 08873. Phone (800) 333 7672 SPC International, Atealann 71, I.Z. Klein Gent, Herentals, B2200, Belgium. Phone (+32) 1432 1855 Visit us at ID Family Description BM BattleMat BattleMat rolls and pads, have a unique construction and camouflage pattern, are tough enough to take whatever you dish out. Perfect as walk-on mats or single use absorbents in manufacturing plants and similar environments.. ENV ENV Oil Sorbents ENV Oil Sorbents are "contractor grade" oil sorbents. Economical pads, rolls and booms for oil clean-up on land or water. GP General Purpose GP "general purpose" sorbents; for economical general purpose maintenance. IND Industrial Spill Specialties Stop spills at their source. Choose from the wide variety of Industrial Spill Specialties that SPC has to offer. KIT Spill Kits Accidents happen. So be prepared, SPC offers a complete selection of spill kits for plants, laboratories, work stations and construction sites. Emergency kits for fast response. LOO Loose Granular Multi-purpose granular absorbents for spill clean-up, lab packing and stabilization of free liquids. MAR Marine Specialty Items Marine Specialty Items consist of 3 different forms: Containment Booms, Oil Nets, and Drag Nets. MRO MRO Plus The new standard in all-purpose gray dimpled maintenance sorbents. MRO Plus is highly effective for cleanup and removal of oil and water-based liquids. OP Oil Plus Superior performing oil only white dimpled pads and rolls for industry. Oil Plus is equally effective in absorbing oil and petroleum products. RUG Industrial Rugs and Matting Sorbent Industrial Rugs and Matting are for high traffic areas