Sonotec Application Notes
Spectrum Control, Inc.
6000 W Ridge Rd 
Erie PA Pennsylvania
United States 16506
Phone: +1 814 474 4327, Fax: +1 814 474 4477
Tags: blocks components microwave terminal
Keywords: Electronics and Electrical Filters
Manufactures aline of EMI/RFI filters, power products and EMC testing services including capacitors, discrete filters, filtered arrays, ferrite inductors, patch antenna elements and gaskets and shielding.
Spectrum Control Inc. SPEC $ 16.15 (USD) Recent News : Barrier Strip EMI Filtered Terminal Blocks Now Offer 90° ...more Spectrum Signal & Power Integrity Filtered Arrays Barrier Strip Terminal Blocks Bolt-In Filter Plates Easy Mate? Filter Plates PCB Mount Terminal Blocks Shrouded Latch Filter Plates Surface Mount Filters High Frequency PCB Filters LC Type Chips Three Terminal Chips Mini Surface Mount Filters Miniature Circuit Board Power Filters Miniature SM Power Filters Power SM Capacitors Round SM Capacitors Square SM Capacitors Surface Mount Filter Arrays Filtered Connectors Chip-cap Connectors Combo D-Sub Connectors Datacom Connectors ESD/EFT D-Sub Connectors ESD USB Connectors Ferrite Connectors Hi-Density Connectors High Performance Connectors Low Profile Feed-thru Connectors Lowpass Filters Hermetically Sealed Filters High Current/Voltage Resin Sealed Filters Miniature Low Pass Filters MLFT Filters Resin Sealed Filters Solder-in Filters EMI Power Filters Power Line Filters Power PCB Mounted Filters Power Entry Modules Single Line Filters Terminal Blocks Antenna Elements Patch Antennas Gaskets & Shiedling EMI Shielding Products Spectrum Microwave Components & Systems Filters Cavity Filters Ceramic Filters Diplexers / Triplexers Lumped Elements Suspended Substrate Tubular Filters Waveguide Filters Components Amplifiers Attenuators Detectors DROs Limiting Amplifiers / Limiters Mixers Switches VCOs Solutions DTOs Frequency Multipliers Filtered LNAs Harmonic Generators Switched Filter Banks Direct Digital Synthesizer Frequency Multiplier Oscillator Master Reference Oscillator Services Engineering & Design Product Obsolescence Capabilities Testing Capabilities Quality & Reliability Spectrum Sensors & Controls Precision Position Element Segments & Wiper Assemblies Fader Potentiometers Hollow Shaft Potentiometers Linear Potentiometers Motorized Potentiometers Rotary Potentiometers Advanced Thermal NTC Thermistors PTC Thermistors RTD Sensors & Assemblies Surge Current Limiters Temperature Sensing Probes & As