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Spectrum Machine, Inc.
1668 Frost Rd 
Streetsboro OH Ohio
United States 44241
Phone: +1 330 633 8860, Fax: +1 330 297 9350
Specialists in Bronze, Brass, Graphited Products, and Alloy Stock -- Spectrum Machine Inc. Welcome to Spectrum Machine we are a family run Bronze machine shop and distributor of Brass and Bronze alloys since 1987. We are well stocked in either rounds, tubes or flats. We're sure that we can be of service to you as a material or finished parts supplier. Contact us! We stand ready to serve you. We specialize in creating finished products for your business, or a semi-finished products, with quality being our number one goal. We will create rough castings, custom shaped bar stock , thrust washers, bushings : including sleeve, flange, and double flange. We also provide split bushings, pump bushings, wear plates , and gear blanks . We also offer specialized drill and plug graphite (IN HOUSE), and groove and graphite (IN HOUSE), custom cutting of rectangles (IN HOUSE), cut loops, double loops, figure 8's, double figure 8's, and multiple loop grooving. From concept to delivery allow our experienced staff provide you with quality bronze products. We stock all available mill sizes in C-932, C-936, and C-954, along with may non-stock sizes and large diameter sizes in C-954. Please see our stock list for more information. If you have any questions please contact us , or call 330-626-3666. Spectrum Machine Inc. 1668 Frost Road Streetsboro, Ohio 44241 Phone - 330-626-3666 (888)-BRONZES (888)-276-6937 Hours Of Operation Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm Fax - 330-626-3313