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Canada. Supplies equipment for applying corrosion/friction/wear resistant coatings to extensive range of metal parts and tooling. Site incorporates explanation of process, known as High Ionization Deposition (HID), and lists examples of coatings and applications.
PVD Coatings and Deposition Equipment Suppliers of High Performance Coatings and Deposition Equipment ISO 9001:2000 certified SAND EROSION RESISTANT COATING FOR GAS TURBINE APPLICATIONS Based on its proprietary plasma vacuum technology (PVD) Sputtek developed its erosion resistant coating that provides high wear resistant properties and responds to the demanding operations conditions in sand environment. These superior properties have been obtained by accommodating the contradictory requirements of hardness, thickness and ductility by reducing the residual compressive stresses in the coating. The product has been successfully tested by engine manufactures and the results highlighted a good adhesion and capability to accommodate a significant mismatch of the coefficient of thermal expansion between the part's material (A286, AM 355, 17-7 PH, Inconel 718, Ti6Al4v etc) and coating. Description Composition: TiAlN Thickness: 15 ?m Microhardness: 2500 HV50 Adhesion: 55 N critical load (depends on the substrate material) Cross sectional coating morphology EROSION TEST RESULTS (Performed by Turbomachinery Erosion Lab., University of Cincinnati,OH) Test conditions: -abrasive: Al 2 O 3 -size: 50 ?m grit -amount: 20 g -temperature: 21 o C -substrate: Ti alloy -particle velocity: 152 m/s Results: RAINBOW TEST RESULTS (Performed by a major GTE manufacturer) Test conditions Substrate: AM350 stainless steel Duration: 180 min. at max. power + 60 min. at aprox. 65 % from the max. power Abrasive: 120 ?m sand Total amount: 1.3 lbs. Ingestion rate: 0.08-0.4 lb./min. Results*: * The rainbow test evaluated more coatings comparing them with the baseline (non coated blades). The Sputtek coating had 50 % less weight loss than the second placed coating and 80% less than the last one. Sputtek's Coating Technology | Cutting Tools Applications | Stamping Tools Applications More Applications | Bulletin Board | Contact Sputtek | Home Page SPUTTEK INC. 1 GOODMARK PLACE #4 TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA M9W 6M1 Tel: 416.213.9833 Fax: 416.213.9834 eMai
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