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Welcome to Crisafulli Dredges Discover How You Can Solve Your Toughest Dredging Challenges Crisafulli FLUMPs TM - Unmanned, remote controlled electric dredges Crisafulli Rotomites TM - Self-propelled diesel dredges Home Page | FLUMP| Rotomite| Contact Us| Our Standards| Dredge Rentals| Reliable Products Service Worldwide| Warranty| Technology| Questionnaire| Search Site Applications (a) (b) , Capabilities (a) (b) , Features (a) (b) , Benefits (a) (b) (a) for FLUMPs (b) for Rotomites Left and above, three views of self-propelled Rotomite-6000. Two photos above show C risafulli Pivoting Traverse System mounted on Rotomite. Above, three views of FLUMP. Upper right photo shows Pond Liner Protection System with cutterhead raised from water. Lower right photo shows Pivoting Traverse System mounted on FLUMP. Crisafulli Dredges is a Division of SRS Crisafulli, Inc., , manufacturer of reliable Crisafulli products supported by superior service worldwide . The world's most productive 3", 4", 6", and 8" dredges When used with Crisafulli's patented Pivoting Traverse System and a cabled traverse system, FLUMPs and Rotomites are approximately 48% more productive than competitive products. Crisafulli FLUMPs and Rotomites can complete lagoon dredging projects in approximately half the time and save owners all or close to the entire cost of the FLUMP or Rotomite over several years from reduced operating costs. The New Crisafulli Rotomite-SD-110 Is Here Now The world’s lightest, high production, shallow draft manned dredge Dredging Performance - Up to 85 cubic yards of sludge per hour Depths up to 10 feet - Draft 17 inches = BEST VALUE in 4 inch dredges Leading manufacturer worldwide of remote controlled and self-propelled dredges. Crisafulli manufactures four models of the popular unmanned remote controlled FLUMP and five models of the versatile self-propelled Rotomite . Crisafulli has manufactured FLUMP and Rotomite dredges and Sludge Removal Systems, accessories, and spare parts, in b