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Stan Rubinstein Associates
56 Leonard St, Unit #2 
Foxboro MA Massachusetts
United States 02035
Phone: +1 508 543 4111, Fax: +1 508 543 3191
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Supply soldering and brazing pastes, electronic grade solder paste, soldering and fluxes, adhesives and epoxies, dispensing equipment and accessories, soldering boards, ultrasonic cleaners and cleaning products.
Specializing in Brazing and Soldering Technology Home On-Line Store News Search Brazing Alloys Brazing Fluxes Brazing Pastes Brazing Preforms Brazing Wire Cleaning Cleaning Chemicals Cleaning Tips Ultrasonic Cleaners Dispensing Syringes & Tips Fluid Dispensers Electronics RoHS Lead Free Solder Silver Epoxies SM D Rework Stations Solder ing Irons Solder Paste Solder P ots Jewelry Products Carbon Fixtures Gold Paste Solders Sheet Solders Silver Paste Solders Solder Pellets Soldering Boards Soldering Powder Plating Products Modular System Pen Plating Plating Solutions Solder Alloys Lead-Free Solder Solder Fluxes Solder Paste Solder Preforms Solder Wire Torches Blazer Micro Torches MicroFlame Torches SRA H2 O Welder Industry Links Product Spec s. MSDS Technical Reference Feedback Page Privacy Statement Soldering and Brazing Alloys, Silver Brazing Paste & Wire, Lead-Free Alloys, Gold Solder Paste & Wire, Fluxes, Fluid Dispensers and Accessories, Electroplating Products and Chemistries, Solder Irons, SMT/SMD Rework Stations, Conductive Silver Inks & Epoxies, Water Welder Torches, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Soldering and Brazing Boards. SRA offers more than a good product. You can depend on us for free technical advice and service. We have been in business for over 43 years. All of our products are in stock and available for immediate delivery. We serve the manufacturers of following products: Circuit Boards, Orthodontics, Cellular Phone, Dental and Medical tools, Electronics, Medical Devices, Jewelry, Lighting Fixtures, Optics, Electro-Mechanical Devices and other products. Our Products include Soldering and Brazing Alloys, Electronic Grade Solder Paste, Soldering and Brazing Wire & Paste, Soldering Irons, Fluxes, SMT/SMD Hot Air Rework Stations, Soldering Stations, Lead-Free Alloys, Conductive Inks and Epoxies, Dispensing Equipment and Accessories, Soldering Boards, Rhodium Solutions, Electroplating Pens, Ultrasonic Cleaners and cleaning products. Custom Machined Carbon soldering Fixtures for furnace work and a very unique
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