Standard Equipment Company
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Mobile AL Alabama
United States 36002
Phone: +1 251 432 1705, Fax: +1 205 380 3055
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Marine and industrial supplies including marine doors, hatches, closures, pumps, compressors, fans, blowers, valves, pipe, power and hand tools.
Pedestal, Exhaust, Shop, or Oscillating Fans & Marine Door or Hatch Covers Serving Industry Since 1906 Loctite Sale SECO News Heaters Fans and Blowers Marine Closures Loctite Sale Technical Broadband Optimization at a screen resolution of 1024x768. Best viewed with Internet Explorer 4 or above, or Netscape Navigator 6. We rely on popup windows. They are only used for informational purposes. SECO would like to hear from you. E-mail us with any comments or problems with our site. Look Music to work by. Seco Radio uses Shockwave/Flash. If you do not have Flash installed you can download it >>> McMaster Carr Equivalents At A Discount We offer very competitive pricing on most items found in the McMaster Carr catalog, and also most other Major Catalog Houses. Items such as Pedestal, exhaust, or oscillating type shop fans. Frequently we can offer close substitutes of pedestal, exhaust, or oscillating type shop fans and many more items at substantial savings. To learn more click Here Marine Equipment to MRO Supplies Standard Equipment Company is your total resource for Marine, Industrial and Construction equipment and supplies. From hand tools to marine watertight doors or hatch covers as some call them, you can contact us for all your MRO needs! Manufacturer of Marine Doors ,, ?Hatch covers?, Hatches and Manways, with many sizes, types and configurations in stock. We have a large inventory of Material Handling and Safety Equipment , Industrial and hardware and fittings, portlights, deck fittings, stairs (custom and standard), casters, mats and matting (by the roll or sized to order). A complete line of Pumps/Pump Sets and Compressors for most applications are assembled in-house. Fans and Blowers We are a distributor of all types fans like pedestal or oscillating, heaters and exhausters, portable and stationary. Great shop fans for your building. Want more bang for your buck? Ask us about our WayCool and Port A Cool lines. Environmental Maintenance Also in stock are a full line of Polypropylene Sorbent Products for Indus