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Stepan Company
22 W. Frontage Rd 
Northfield IL Illinois
United States 60093
Phone: +1 708 501 2166
Tags: adhesive agricultural ammonium benzyl butyl coatings compounds coolants cutting elastomers ethyl fluids lubricants resins sealants sulfonates
Keywords: Diversified Manufacturers
Manufacturer of specialty and intermediate chemicals used in a broad range of industries.
Stepan Company - Home About Us Products Markets News Careers Investors Contact News Stepan Announces Sale of Specialty Esters Product Line and Acquisiton of an Agricultural Chemical   Stepan announced May 1, 2007 the sale of its Personal Care ester product line to The HallStar Company along with the acquisition of the Hallcomid product line, an agricultural surfactant product line, from The HallStar Company. (full story)   Using Stepan      products ...   Adhesives Bar Soap Beverages Body Wash Cosmetics Dish Detergents Disinfectants Fabric Softeners Foods Hair Conditioners Industrial Cleaners Insulation Laundry Detergents Liquid Hand Soaps Paints & Coatings Plastics Sealants Shampoos Skin Creams Toothpaste Wall Board and many others....   Terms Of Use | Site Map | My Account © Copyright 2007 - Stepan Company - All Rights Reserved
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