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Storm Copper Components Co.
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Decatur TN Tennessee
United States 37322
Phone: 423-334-4800
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Produces custom copper busbars (bus bar, buss bar), copper busbar assemblies, laminated busbars, power distribution busbar and PC board copper connectors.
Copper Busbar, Electrical, Bus Bar, Copper, Busbars, connector Visit our Online Store Ampacity Tables Battery Connectors & Straps Busbar Copper Bar Copper Rod Copper Specifications Electrical Standoff Insulators Glastic Insulators & Standoffs Copper Ground Bars & Kits Ground Rods & Clamps Copper Sheet Copper Tubing - Electrical Copper Plate About Storm Copper: Our Bus Bar History Directions To Our Plant Our Partner Links Bus Bar News Copper Fabricating Capabilities Sitemap Busbar • Bus Bar Laminations • Copper Connectors Storm Copper Components Co . a manufacturer of custom Copper Busbar , Copper Bus Bar Assemblies, Printed Circuit Board Connectors, Laminated Assemblies, Power Backplanes , Copper Laminations , Laminated Bus Bar , Flexible Connectors , Electrical Ground Bars , Glastic Standoff Insulators , Electrical Insulators , Battery Connectors and Copper Fabrications . In business since 1990 as a dedicated copper supplier , Storm Copper ships 17,000 copper connectors per day to OEMs around the world. Visit our new Online Store for pricing and availability on Copper Bar, Copper Sheet, Ground Bars, Punched Copper Connectors, Cable Jumpers and Standoff Insulators. Applications for our custom Copper Busbars Include: Telecommunications Applications include: Central Office Power Bus, Power Systems, Battery Rectifiers, Cellular Base Stations, Terminal Plates, Grounding Kits , Ground Bars , and Battery Intercell Connectors. Power Conversion Applications include: UPS Applications, Motor Controls and Inverter Bus Bars (IGBT). Computer Applications include: Mainframe Power Connectors and Backplane Bus Bars . Printed Circuit Applications include: Computer Power Supplies and Computer Power Supply Heatsinks. Transportation Applications include: Electric Vehicle Battery Bus Bars Connectors, Locomotive, Fuel Cell, Golf Car, Battery Charger Connectors. Copper Bar & Sheet Products include C11000 ETP Copper Bar and Copper Sheet in a large variety of sizes. Credit Application.pdf Storm Copper Is