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Strahl & Pitsch Inc. The World's Finest Natural Waxes Since 1904 Unsurpassed Quality, Service and Dependability Presione aqu? para Espa?ol Homepage ? Carnauba Wax ? Beeswax ? Candelilla Wax ? Ceresine and Ozokerite Paraffin, Microcrystalline and Specialty Waxes ? About Strahl & Pitsch ? Worldwide Locations S & P's New Puresters ? Candle Wax ? New Products ? Bayberry Wax Email S & P: info@spwax.com Specializing in importing, refining and custom blending the world?s finest Beeswax , Carnauba, Candelilla , and other waxes for nearly a century, Strahl & Pitsch is uniquely suited to fulfilling virtually all of your requirements, our expertise covers a wide range of industries, with particular emphasis on cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. View our New Products ? Lite Natural Wax Jelly ? Natural Wax Jelly ? Olive Butter? ? Sunflower Butter? ? Emulsifying Wax NF ? Natural Lip Balm Base New - Puresters! Find out about S & P's new generation of vegetable-based esters...click here for more information. Interested in candle wax? Take a look at our Candle Wax Data Sheet for the blends you need... Strahl & Pitsch exerts total control of inbound raw materials, with on-site laboratory and on-site warehousing. Our outbound finished goods are certified by our laboratory, assuring they meet specifications, before delivery to our customers. The foundation of our longevity is excellence in satisfying our customers' needs and continuous monitoring and improvement of all aspects of our business operations. Our ultimate goal is to continue Strahl & Pitsch's reputation as the industry leader in product, service and technology. Carnauba Wax ? Beeswax ? Candelilla Wax ? Ceresine and Ozokerite Paraffin and Microcrystalline, Specialty Waxes ? About Strahl & Pitsch Worldwide Locations ? New Products ? Bayberry Wax STRAHL & PITSCH, INC. ? 230 GREAT EAST NECK RD., WEST BABYLON, NY 11704 USA TEL: 631-587-9000 ? FAX: 631-587-9120 Email: info@strahlpitsch.com
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