Superior Technical Ceramics Corp.
600 Industrial Park Rd. 
St. Albans VT Vermont
United States 05478
Phone: (802) 527-7726
Fax: (802) 527-1181
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STC has been recognized as a market leading company in the material
area since its start in 1898. Our commitment to materials development
and continuous improvement set us apart from most of our competition.

STC has complete in-house capabilities to assist with design,
engineer, tool and manufacture of technical ceramics to customer
requirements. Superior Technical Ceramics invests in state-of-the-art
equipment and in highly skilled, knowledgeable employees to produce
the industry’s best components. Through the use of ISO 9001:2008,
AS9100, 5S and lean practices and policies, STC achieves the control
and quality necessary to compete, cost effectively, worldwide.

Our broad selection of materials offers a distinct set of properties
that lend themselves for use in diverse applications: High Heat,
Corrosive Environments, Thermal Management Challenges, Mechanical Wear
Problems, Electrical Insulation Requirements, and High
Temperature/High Pressure Conditions.

STC is a privately owned company with over 100 employees. Our multiple
buildings currently encompass approximately 135,000 square feet of
manufacturing space. Superior Technical Ceramics is the perfect size
American company to provide fully integrated technical solutions in
ceramic manufacturing, without losing sight of customer service and
Superior Technical Ceramics Corp. for Ceramic Parts STC will assist you with
design and engineering of your ceramic part requirements Superior Technical
Ceramics manufactures custom technical ceramic parts and components,
covering a wide range of customer requirements, and has been doing so for over
100 years. We make use of several forming and machining techniques to process
components made from alumina, zirconia, zirconia toughened alumina, steatite,
mullite, cordierite, grade A lava, Macor , and boron nitride. These materials may
be used in applications that require wear or corrosion resistance, high
temperature capability, or ceramic insulators for electrical resistance. In addition,
Superior Technical Ceramics stocks several standard ceramic parts, such as
alumina tubes, alumina plates, standoff insulators, alumina bolts, nuts and
washers, alumina fish spine beads, as well as machinable ceramics. Besides
manufacturing technical ceramics, Superior Technical Ceramics can provide a
range of custom materials and engineering services. We can also take care of
your specialty plating and metallizing, machining of specialty metals and other
hard materials, as well as assembly work.