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Synthetic Precision Sapphire and Ruby Jewels, Sapphire Windows, Balls, Ring Jewels, Pivots, Orifice Jewels, Rods, Ball, Nozzles, Stylus - Swiss Jewel Company Precision Optical & Mechanical Sapphire, Ruby & Glass Home | Sitemap | Contact Us Synthetic Sapphire Properties | Jewel Bearing Applications | Optical Applications | Photo Gallery Sapphire Windows Balls Ring Jewels Endstones Vee Jewels Cup Jewels Pivots & Shafts Orifice Jewels Aperture Wafers Rods & Tubes Blades Ball & Seat Nozzles Washers Stylus Saddle Pin >> Bookmark this site PRECISION SAPPHIRE AND RUBY COMPONENTS Swiss Jewel Company is a leading supplier of synthetic precision Sapphire & Ruby components for various industrial markets worldwide since 1920. We provide off the shelf and custom optical and mechanical components from small quantities for R & D to OEM volume production. All of our items are made to precise tolerances with unsurpassed quality at competitive pricing. Please browse our on-line catalog of over 400 items and contact us for current price and delivery. Custom design also welcome. Typical Applications: Industrial and Medical OEM's, Air and Gas Analyzers and Monitors, High Intensity Xenon Lamps, Cryogenic View Ports, UV and IR Windows and Lenses, Detector and Pressure Cells, Photodiodes, Bar Code Readers. Product Application UV and IR Sapphire Window Gas & Air Analyzers/Monitors High Intensity Xenon Lamps UV & IR Detectors Bar Code Readers Photodiodes View Ports Sapphire Ball Lens Hemispherical Lens Other materials: BK, SF or LASFN Glass Ball Quartz Ball Cubic Zirconia Ball Spinel Ball Fiber optic connector Bar Code Wand Tips Biomedical Applications Optical Positioning Optical Storage Floats Orifice Jewels High Pressure Water Jet Flow Restrictors Ink Jet Nozzles Flow Meters Sapphire Bearings Ruby Bearings Ring Jewels Vee Jewels Endstones Cup Jewels Gauges & Meters Aircraft Instrumentation Flow Meters Insulators Ball Seats Specialty Items Microwave Technology Sapphire Rods Medical Instrumentation Sapphire Tubes Laser Surgery Sapphire St
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