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TCP Reliable Home I About I Request a Quote Gel Packs / Phase Change Materials Insulated Shipping Containers Pre-Qualified Shipping Containers Protective Packaging Monitoring Devices Regulated Packaging Products Healthcare Food Electronics Toll Free 888-827-3393 REQUEST A QUOTE CLICK HERE Welcome to TCP Reliable TCP designs and manufactures temperature controlled solutions for the pharmaceutical/life science industry , food packaging, and fragile components electronics industry. TCP offers a unique refrigerant alternative designed for applications of -20° C. This product is available in gel pouch form as well as the hard plastic thermal controlled panel (TCP). These panels can interconnect more.... Designed to eliminate the high costs of qualifying your shipping package, TCP offers the TimeSaver line of insulated shippers certified to keep your payload at 2° - 8° C for periods up to 72 hours more.... To maintain the critical temperature range of 2° - 8° C, TCP offers Phase 5 available in the hard plastic thermal controlled panel. This package typically reduces the overall shipping container size and weight providing increase savings in shipping costs more.... TCP products go by many names including some of the following: Gel packs, ice packs, phase change mater Products that TCP designs and manufactures go by many names including Gel packs, ice packs, phase change materials, phase change, -20c phase change, 2-8 phase change materials, gel pouches, ice pouches, low temperature refrigerants, 20 below refrigerants, 20 below gel packs, low temperature gel packs, refrigerated gels, refrigerated gel packs, reusable gel packs, reusable icepacks, reusable phase change materials, non toxic gel packs, non toxic ice packs, non toxic phase change, food grade gel pack, food grade ice pack, food grade gel pouch, cryo gel, cryo gel blue, cryogel 2, cryogel, cryogel blue, no sweat laminate pouch, no sweat gel pack, no sweat ice pack, saddlebag gel packs, mat style gel packs, bottles, gel bottles, phase change
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