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Technifab Products, Inc.
10339 N Industrial Park Dr 
Brazil IN Indiana
United States 47834
Phone: +1 812 442 0520, Fax: +1 812 442 0891
Tags: cryogenic cutting equipment facility fluids hose plant separators storage tube vessels
Keywords: Cryotechnology
Manufacturer of cryogenic equipment, vacuum jacketed pipe, liquid helium transfer hoses. Also offers welding services and contract manufacturing. In Brazil, Indiana.
Manufacturer of Cryogenic Transfer and Storage Equipment - Technifab Products, Inc. Customer Login Username: Password: Home e-mail this site to a colleague Technifab Products, Inc. 10339 N. Industrial Park Dr. Brazil, Indiana 47834 USA Phone: 1-812-442-0520 Fax: 1-812-442-0891 TECHNIFAB PRODUCTS, INC. designs and manufactures advanced products for the transfer and storage of cryogenic liquids. We design and manufacture dewars for a variety of OEM scientific and medical equipment, custom specialty dewars, and vacuum jacketed pipe and transfer hoses. Technifab's specialization encompasses the following: Keeping cryogens cold longer Transferring cryogens through a pipe or hose with minimal loss Shielding critical instrumentation from harsh environments Creating a controlled atmosphere for your product If you are an original equipment manufacturer seeking to produce high quality products for cryogenic applications, we can help you with the development of the product to ensure long-term performance. Copyright ©1996-2007 Technifab Products, Inc. All Rights Reserved Website designed and hosted by, Inc.
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